Trade names: HOSTALEN PP…

Polypropylene- PP shows a high mechanical strength and a tensile strength, but a low notched impact strength. PP resists stress cracking and it is easy to weld. At minus temperatures it can get brittle. The chemical and electrical properties are very good. The continuous operating temperatures ranges between +5 °C and +100 °C.


  • PP
  • PP-30GF (30% glass fibres)



  • low density
  • high heat resistance
  • high tensile strength, high surface strength
  • high chemical resistance
  • low oxidation resistance
  • low abrasion resistance
  • brittle in the coldness
  • HF-welding not possible
  • natural colour is not weather resistant


Applications: Pumps, valves, gaskets, supporting stands for the coating industry, spacer for the plating, particles for toys.

Shapes of semi-finished products: round rods, hollow bars, sheets, profiles, L-profiles, U-profiles, welding rods…

Color: light grey, natural, black (PP-30GF)…

Dimensions of semi-finished products:

  • round rods fi 10mm - fi 500mm  (not in all colors),
  • sheet thickness 1mm - 100mm (not in all colors),