Trade names: KOTERM, HOSTALEN…

Polyethylen - PE has a good chemical resistance to almost all acids and bases, detergents and hot water. PE has good insulation properties and is easy to weld. The operating temperature is from 50 °C to +90 °C.


  • PE-HD  (PE-300) low molecular weight
  • PE-HMW (PE-500) high molecular weight
  • PE-UHMW (PE-1000) ultra high molecular weight - a high abrasion resistance
  • PE-ELS electrically conductive


  • low density
  • high toughness (also at low temperature)
  • high elongation
  • very good electrical and dielectric properties
  • very low water absorption
  • low steam permeability
  • high chemical resistance
  • good protection against stress cracking
  • food safe
  • soft surface (low tensile strength)
  • HF welding not recommended
  • natural color is not weather resistant


Applications: Transport containers, pumps and valve parts, parts in the tank construction, components with medical applications, gaskets, sliding profiles, components for the food industry…

Shapes of semi-finished products: round rods, hollow bars, sheets, profiles, L-profiles, U-profiles, welding rods…

Color: black, natural, green (PE-UHMW)…

Dimensions of semi-finished products:

  • round rods fi 10mm - fi 500mm  (not in all colors), Customized lenght , max lenght 2000mm
  • sheet thickness  1mm - 100mm (not in all colors), dimension 1000x2000mm or cut to size